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Each team member undergoes special training, which includes half a year of training, 3 exams, 2 of which are theoretical – and final – actions in practice. Then, finally, the team is prepared enough for the first assistance job.

A drill

Also, during the training, preparation for emergency situations is provided. Their task is to simulate an educational extreme case as close as possible to reality in order to test the team for the possibility of solving such problems.


In the Coast Guard, there is special training in real situations – when one team is a young one, assists an already formed team in order to learn from their experience, skills, and abilities in order to be considered complete.


About Our Blog

We are the official non-profit blog that documents the activities of the Coast Guard. These guys save many lives every day, ensure the safety of hundreds of ships, and prevent the transportation and subsequent spread of huge quantities of drugs. But this is very hard work, there are real legends behind it, which we would like to tell you about.



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timely warning

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We strive to bring Coast Guard news, opinions, activities. We are a community. You can see how it comes together. Civil Service Organizational Consultant for the Coast Guard looking for a place to privately write about Coast Guard-related topics that he felt were important enough to share with others.


As a privately held company, CGBlog is not and has never been associated with the US Coast Guard. Although most of our authors and publishers work for or with the US Coast Guard, no one on this site writes from an official representative or authority. Our policy discusses this at length, but it serves as an important prelude to the history of this unofficial blog.


The community comes together to share ideas and engage in open discussion of issues, people, news, and stories. Our goal with the CGBlog site collection was to design it for the active participation of all who share an interest in one of America’s best-kept secrets. and we look forward to your joining the community.

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